Research and Creative Work Agenda and Extension Services Agenda of UPDEPP for 2019-2024

The Unit’s research agenda is in line with the NEDA’s AmBisyon Natin 2040 for Central Luzon, which envisions our citizens to be strongly rooted, comfortable, and secure. As such, the said agenda seeks to align with the country’s general vision of our citizens living in comfortable homes, enjoying work-life balance, and having a strong-sense of community characterized by cooperation and high trust for each other.

The research and creative work activities of the Business Economics, Business Management, Applied Psychology, the General Education and Master of Management Programs of UPDEPP will address various facets in the realization of the above goals, with special emphasis on the issues and problems that impede their achievement. Our research and creative work efforts will provide research support to industries and businesses in Region III to help improve their competitiveness and encourage growth. Likewise, UPDEPP research and creative work shall seek to meet the needs of government agencies and local government units in the region to improve work effectiveness and enhance their services.