Life in UP Clark: A community and a home

As a student at UP Clark, you will be based within the spacious 31-hectare global gateway community of Clark Freeport Zone. You will enjoy the full benefits of the UP standard of education within a multi-cultural and multi-national community set in a beautiful landscape of modern buildings amidst century-old trees on gently rolling greens. Best of all, you can take pride in contributing to the national university’s role of steering the development of the region and the country.

The partnership between the school administration and the student body is guided by the desire to foster a safe, caring atmosphere that celebrates creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and professionalism in the service of the nation. The extra-curricular and academic activities and events that make up the fabric of social life in UP Clark are intended to prepare students for responsible citizenship and the honorable, excellent practice of their chosen career.

Students who come from provinces other than Pampanga find the warm support and safety of a second home not only in their organizations but also within the walls of the school. The faculty and the administrative staff are genuinely concerned about student welfare. The Applied Psychology Program’s Buddy System helps students manage their emotional and mental health. The Learning Resource Center provides spaces for accomplishing individual coursework and conducting educational group discussions. The UPDEPP clinic not only attends to the emergency medical needs of the UPDEPP community but also helps educate all about healthy living and safety measures during emergency situations.

A partnership between the home and the school is encouraged in order to ensure the success of students in their college education. To strengthen this partnership, we conduct an orientation for the parents/guardians of first-year students on the academic policies of the University, as well as those of UPDEPP. Reports of student code violations are dealt with in the most careful manner in order to protect the rights of students to privacy and due process. Parents/Guardians receive updates on their children’s academic performance, especially on those that have difficulty coping with their academic program requirements.