BS Business Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management (BSBM) program aims to provide students with theories, concepts, skills, and techniques to become productive members of successful business organizations. The program includes current developments in management theory and practice to enhance the competencies of students in the different functional areas of business organizations, and to increase the responsiveness of students to significant and practical aspects of business management concepts.

Career Opportunities:
Corporate Management, Accounting and Finance Specialists, Marketing Management and Research, Entrepreneurship, Business Consultancy

BA Applied Psychology

The establishment of BA Applied Psychology curriculum (BAAP) is a response to the rapid changes taking place in society that call for sensitive application of psychological theories. The program aims to address concerns in several areas of human life and activities. Besides maintaining the strengths of a traditional liberal arts discipline, the program now emphasizes the applications of psychology in the fields of organizations, community, and education. Its curriculum introduces courses in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, School Psychology, Community Psychology and Clinical Psychology. The overview courses expose students to the theoretical and technical principles central to the applied fields in psychology. Moreover, certain courses are designed to hone students’ research skills in applied psychology.

Career Opportunities:
Human Resource Specialist/Generalist, Psychometrician, Training Officer, Organizational Development Specialist, School Counseling and Assessment

BA Business Economics

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics (BABE) program offers its students a solid grounding in economic theories with application to real world issues and problems. Since the unit is located in a high-growth industrial area, the program is particularly oriented towards the application of economic principles and concepts to business, industry and regional development activities. The program seeks to produce analysts, researchers, and other economic practitioners who can work well in various business and investment institutions as well as in government and planning agencies.

Career Opportunities:
Economists, Budget and Planning Specialists, Corporate Planning Officers, Credit Analysts, Financial Analysts

Documentary Requirements

  • Form 1 Personal Data Sheet 
  • Form 2APSA Marriage Certificate
  • Form 2B High School Record
  • A certified true copy of the Permanent Secondary
    School Record (F137/SF10)
  • Other requirements, click here

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