Research Dissemination

Dissemination of new knowledge in corporate management, disaster risk mitigation and reduction, environmental management and cultural development

The unit disseminates information on the results of its research projects to international and local audiences and target specific users of recommendations. It sends its faculty to international and local conferences and links with intended users of both individual faculty and institutional researches.

A handbook on corporate governance was produced out of the dissertation of a faculty member. This handbook is being finalized for use of government corporations and as reference material for management classes.

A functional literacy curriculum and exemplar lesson plans for community-based forest managers was developed out of the dissertation of a faculty member as the unit's contribution to the protection of the forest ecosystem as well as the uplift of the lives of impoverished forest managers. As the forests of the region are the habitats of the Aytas, the curriculum is designed for them as well as migrants in the region who have chosen to live with the Aytas.

Assistance to Policy Making

Assistance to Policy Making in the executive as well as legislative branches of government specifically joint-executive-legislative formulation of bills in education and training, agriculture, culture, labor and employment and the national government budget.

The unit loaned a faculty member to the Congressional Oversight Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization (COCAFM) for two years to manage the technical staff of the Committee and assist the legislature in the monitoring of the implementation of the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA). The assignment of the faculty also included the assessment of human resource development in the agriculture sector and the assessment of the performance of local government extension officers in the dissemination of agricultural and fisheries technologies, information on access to credit and marketing strategies and overall rural development concerns.

A faculty member is also involved in the ongoing joint executive-legislative effort on the restructuring of regional university system (RUS) and introduction of the K-12 program.

Assistance to Area Development Implementation

Assistance to Area Development Implementation in the region through provision of technical advice in planning and community relations.

A member of the faculty was involved in the conceptualization of plans in the Global Gateway area and in the advocacy of such plans to the stakeholders of the provinces and communities affected by the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). Another area development where the unit is asked to participate is the BCDA Green City in Capas, Tarlac.

Inter-University Partnership

Inter-University Partnership assistance to other higher education institutions in research, and academic programs improvement.

Recognizing its responsibility as the national university arm in the region, the unit is currently in partnership with other higher education institutions in the region in exploring common research and extension interests. An adopt-a-school program is likewise being explored in order to help develop the research capability of the faculty members in a state university in Pampanga. A partnership with the Ramon Magsaysay Technological University (RMTU) in Zambales is currently being forged particularly for the purpose of a collaborative action research on flood control as part of climate change mitigation and disaster-risk reduction effort of the unit. A pilot project in San Felipe, Zambales is underway to redirect flood water to water harvesting facilities that would also serve as reservoir of irrigation water for the community's farms and fishfarms.

Cultural Development & Heritage Protection

Public Service for the understanding of Ayta culture and assistance to education and livelihood needs of the Aytas.

UPDEPP launched the Ayta Studies Center in coordination with the Clark Development Corporation (CDC). The Center has served as both a research and extension facility that seeks to assist the needs of the Aytas. The Hawong Ayta Museum and Studies Center, inaugurated in 2002 promotes greater understanding of Pinatubo Ayta culture. The unit has also set up the Service Learning Center at the Angeles Elementary School and Special Education Center offering community service as a resettlement area in Pampanga. The unit likewise assists a resettlement community for Pinatubo victims in Zambales.

UPDEPP does its share of cultural dissemination by organizing seminars/conferences, launching books, setting up museums/galleries, competing in local festivals, and holding cultural fairs like Adwnagan: Ugnayang Ayta in 2010.

Continuing Education

Short-term training courses are offered on specific needs of the communities, local government units, business enterprises, and higher education institutions, around UP Clark. We offer short-term training programs on rural development particularly development plans formulation, and implementation, feasibility studies preparation and project management. Specific topics, on sectoral concerns may also be requested.


Our faculty and students reach out to needy communities and victims of natural calamities.


Internationalization efforts are also part of the unit's extension program. We are currently preparing a continuing education certificate program for teachers in international schools. The unit conducts short-term language classes for visiting foreign students, and international locators in Clark. This program will help the region invite investment - especially foreign locators in economic zones - in the region. The presence of international schools in the area help investors in their decision making as these schools are the ones providing basic education to their children. The program will tackle subjects as cultural sensitivity of teachers and administrators, economic profile of the Philippines, trade and banking in the country, history of Central Luzon and other relevant subjects.