Learn More about the Learning Resource Center

Arvi Rivera, Editor-in-Chief,Frontliner

FL: What is the Learning Resource Center?
CS: “The goal of the LRC is to help students achieve academic success through various programs. Currently, these include (1) peer-tutoring services for all subjects, (2) workshops in study skills development, and (3) providing access to different learning materials.”

FL: How can students sign up for these programs?
CS: “The LRC is located on the third floor of UPDEPP Academic Building 1. Although peer-tutoring services are on-going (students interested in availing LRC tutorial services just need to approach me, the LRC Coordinator), the LRC room is not yet fully functional because it lacks electric fans.”

FL: What is the current status of your LRC revival project and when is the new LRC set to be launched?
CS: “I am currently soliciting donations in cash or kind in order to make the LRC room operational. The room itself may be used as a venue not just for tutorials but also for group study sessions. It can house about 30 students at any one time.

Unfortunately, it's just being used as a "tambayan" at the moment. It doesn't have air conditioning. It does not have electric fans of any sort either. I want to have an LRC open house before the sem ends.”

FL: Who are the tutors and what benefits will they receive?
CS: “Fourteen (14) students (so far) volunteered to be peer tutors. Chris and I oriented them on September 16. Lunch was provided by Prof. Alfelor. Those who sign up as tutors will get a certificate of appreciation at the end of the sem and free snacks.”

Editor’s Note: Frontliner would like to thank Ms. Sanguyu for giving her time for this interview. We would also acknowledge her and her husband’s efforts in restoring the Learning Resource Center.

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