Sebastian, Florencia Charito I.

Dr. F. Charito Imperial-Sebastian is part of the faculty of the unit's Business Economics Program handling the subjects: Economics Research, Development Economics, and Regional Economics. She is also a member of the General Education Program where she teaches Social, Economic, and Political Thought. She participated in the formulation of legislation in education and training and in agriculture and fishing modernization. The application of major policy frameworks of development of these sectors in area development in Central Luzon is her current research interest. In August 2011, she became 8th director of the University of the Philippines Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga.
PhD in Philippine Studies (Economics of Culture), 2008, UP
MA Asian Studies, 1985, UP
MA Economics (Candidate), UP
Certificate in Development Economics, UP
BA Political Science, 1977, Baguio Colleges
Recent Publication
Breaking the Forest Commons' Dilemma in the Philippines: Creating An Annual Stream of Benefits as Incentive to Cooperation. Clark Review, April 2010, Vol 1, No.1, pp. 108-144

Breaking the Forest Commons' Dilemma in Community-Based Forest Management in Central Luzon, Philippines: An Autoethnography. Asian Studies, 2004, Vol. 40, Number 1, pp 125-153.

Florencia Charito I. Sebastian
Assistant Professor
Director, UPDEPP (2011-present)


Active (1st Semester, AY 2013-14)

Contact Info

(045) 599-6037; (045) 599-2794

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TWThFS 08:30-17:30, Director's Office

1st Semester, AY 2013-14

Econ 199 (Research in Economics)